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How Our Top Headline News Content Gets Selected

First, it seems as though news tends, like a river, to select it’s own way. Throughout the years, politics and war have found their way to the top news headlines. Rightly so, Americans, from the founding of this country have rebelled at things like, being over-taxed and then watching our hard-earned money go down in wasteful spending. In today’s modern society, Americans have grown completely fed up with how our elected politicians have eased there way into feeling that they are untouchables. Americans now are feeling it’s “us against them.”

Secondly, the news is what’s important to Americans who make up this country. There are those who contend that media bias is an issue. Listed below are some of the ways on how we go about selecting current newsworthy topics for this website.

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Top 15 News Headline Concerns By Americans For 2010

National Debt - Economic Failure/Bankruptcy

National debt goes on the increase anytime that the governing body “overspends” what was projected by “them.” This becomes a “deficit” but because of that, how does it even out? The U.S. Government is forced to sell “securities” to investors. At that point, we are then in “debt” until that security is paid back. You see national debt fluctuate for a number of reasons (which won’t be mentioned here). In 1816, this country had a national debt of 127 billion dollars. In 1879, the national debt had grown to 2.3 trillion dollars. Going further, 1946 was 2.8 trillion, 1999 was 5.6 trillion and 2009 looks to be 11.9 trillion or more.


We don’t intend to talk on a worldwide basis but there are countries where there are no or close to no jobs at all. In the United States, jobs and unemployment are “measured” by the government. One might ask why the government even bothers to do this. The answer is when workers aren’t working, as a whole, the country loses! When workers lose their jobs, they lose their purchasing power and then the county feels a decrease in “gross national product.”

As a result of these measured statistics and the use of other economic information, it prompts congressional policymakers to investigate whether laws must be passed to change the course. This type to interaction almost always creates newsworthy controversy for the interest of the American public.


Healthcare has been a controversial subject for decades. It’s no secret that current conditions in the United States are sparking heated controversy. The arguments are over the number of people who have no health insurance at all. Another argument is surrounding the high cost of health care. A third debate is how the health insurance companies have become so wealthy and powerful suggesting that the American public is getting “ripped” off.

Government Deceit

There are those that would say that our congressional leaders are all nothing but a pack of thieves. Many Americans wish that the country would go all the way back to the days of George Washington. You would think that our federal government is being very careful about spending America’s hard-earned dollars on things that will benefit every American. Many times this is not the case. The media is constantly discovering where elected officials have spent, at will, unbelievable amounts of money with no common sense at all.

Energy Costs

There are countless topics that the media reports on that relate to energy. Energy is divided into two groups – renewable and nonrenewable. On the renewable side just to name a few are: solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydropower and hydrogen. Nonrenewable forms of energy are: oil, natural gas, coal, and Uranium. In recent years much controversy has emerged over many of these forms of energy from a political point of few. The United States is among the largest of energy consumption. Rightfully so, the controversy looms large.

Government Spending

With the deficit growing to unheard of numbers, the controversy has risen to new heights as never seen before. Government spending has always been a topic of contention. The political views amongst Americans have been sharpened and today’s youth are becoming more and more involved at younger ages. One of the topics that is rearing its ugly head is government waste. Americans sit in helpless unbelief as congress and administrations seem to spend the public’s money with their nose high in the air.

Medicare Failure

The news is overflowing in regards to the fear that one of the biggest government public healthcare options ever is in danger of going bankrupt. Medicare was founded in 1965 during the presidency of Lyndon Johnson and has gone through many phase changes since then. Many congressional leaders fear that the program will run out of money within the next five to seven years.

Social Security Failure

Social Security was started during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt and signed into law in 1935. It is newsworthy in the fact that many Americans fear that by the time that they reach the age to receive it, it will no longer be there; it will also be bankrupt. At this time there is no known legislation slated to look at the possible dilemma.

Radical Change In Government Role

The United States was founded because the early settlers rebelled against unfair taxation from England. Since the founding, Americans have seen the government’s role steadily increase in size along with taxes. There are now many American’s that feel that the size of the government has increased to the size that it is far too big. There are also those that feel because of the increased size, we are headed towards socialism. It's something that defies the original founding of the United States.

Senior/Elderly Care

Not only is the possible failure of Medicare a threat to the elderly but also the high-rising costs of care for the elderly is a problem. To go even further, the quality of care for the elderly is under scrutiny. We continue to hear more horror stories about mistreatment of those who have been placed in nursing homes.

Government Waste

Almost on a daily basis you see examples of how congressional leaders have misused their status. Needless and wasteful spending and padded expense accounts go completely unchecked. There are also those who say congressional “pork” as a complete waste of taxpayer money.

Too Much Government Power

The increasing size of the United States government is a major bone of controversy amongst Americans today. In the last century we have seen the size of the U.S. government increase by leaps and bounds. Some say that the beginning of the dramatic increase began with President Roosevelt’s “New Deal.” This debate is still hotly contested today.

Business Lending (small and big)

Americans are very skeptical about what has transpired in the banking industry. They have seen the big banking bailout, which seemed as though in most cases, was not necessary at all. Bank lending to big and small business remains tight. There are those that say the needed breakthrough in today’s economy lies in bank lending.


Inflation worries are very much a concern held by many. The government seems to be printing money endlessly and no one but foreign investors buying up the debt. They contend that this will eventually lead to a permanent devaluation of the dollar. This will cause a rise in interest rates, and in the long run, we will see very high inflation rates.

Investment Worries

The recent downturn in the economy and the complete fall of the stock market has investors very skittish. Many Americans saw their 401ks and other investments drop by as much as 50%. We will be covering the newest investment strategies as they unfold.

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